Monday, February 11, 2008

Fill your iPod with Free Stuff

Is your iPod running low on new songs? Need something to entertain you for the time being? By subscribing to podcasts in iTunes, you can listen to/watch some valuable informative podcasts or just have fun! To find some podcasts, open iTunes and go to the store. Click on podcasts on the left hand side of the page and start downloading completely free content for your iPod. Every podcast can be deleted at your pleasure if you simply do not like it. Find some new popular podcasts by going onto the Top Podcasts section in iTunes. Video podcasts are short video clips to either provide information or entertainment. One of my favorite video podcasts is the Best of YouTube podcast that features a new video everyday, usually a hilarious clip that you might not have found otherwise. Simply copy the link into iTunes under Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast and start downloading.


Shiki said...

The Shiki Video Browser is a free application that allows you to search for, watch, download and convert Internet video for your iPod, iPhone, iTouch, or Zune. With Shiki, you can build a personal video library with all of your favorite Internet videos including music videos from sites such as YouTube, Google Video, Daily Motion, and Metacafe. Get it for free at: