Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Extend your iPod Touch/iPhone's functionality

One unnoticed useful feature on the iPhone and iPod Touch is that you can add over 600 web apps to it. These web apps can vary from games to sports news, applications to use for work and maps. Simply fire up your iPod touch or iPhone and point Safari to and start browsing to find some web apps. You can add them to the home screen for easy access. You can also delete them at any time you find that you aren't using them.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Top 5 Digg Tools to Make you a Better Digger

Take a look at some of the third party apps out there to make your Digg experience a better one.

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Dell IdeaStorm: Put GNU/Linux in Retail Stores!

Imagine how successful Dell's Ubuntu offering could be if just one Dell Ubuntu machine was put in retail stores. If people knew of an alternative to Windows, they would go for it! So what do you say, Dell? Why don't you try to put at least one of your Ubuntu machines offered in retail stores? Please add your support!

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Wal-Mart to officially discontinue HD DVD sales by June

With HD DVD, things are just going from bad, to really bad, to worse, to car-crash-you-can't-stop-looking-at. You can file this one under that latter category, as Wal-Mart has officially announced its intentions to stop stocking HD DVD players and movies by June.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Firefox 3 Beta 3 Available

Firefox 3 Beta 3 is available in more than 30 languages on the mozilla official website.

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Why Google Was Voted #1 “Best Company To Work For” 2008

I continue to be fascinated, titillated, inspired and WOWed by Google. It’s no surprise Fortune Magazine named them Best Company To Work For in 2008. Google continues to reinvent itself by doing some really unique and revolutionary things that not many other large corporations can successfully pull off.

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10 Websites for Ubuntu Users

Here is my list of ten websites I think every Ubuntu user should bookmark if not visit regularly. It is not complete so post some of your favorites in the comments.

1. Lifehacker Top 10: Top 10 Ubuntu applications
2. Hack Attack: How to triple-boot Windows XP, Vista, and Ubuntu
3. Download Ubuntu
4. Installing a Dual-Boot with Windows and Ubuntu
5. How To: Ubuntu Portable - Ubuntu Forums
6. Ubuntu packages
7. HOWTO: NTFS with read/write support using ntfs-3g (easy method) - Ubuntu Forums
8. Hack Attack: Top 10 Ubuntu apps and tweaks
9. How To: Change a Computer Name in Linux
10. How To: Arrange the Window Buttons in GNOME

Monday, February 11, 2008

Leopard 10.5.2 Update is Live, here's what it fixes

Leopard finally gets its second patch, and boy does it fix a lot of stuff. The first patch hit back in November, with test builds of the second making it out a month later. Here's a list of the major things the 10.5.2 patch fixes (including menubar transparency and Stacks).

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Fill your iPod with Free Stuff

Is your iPod running low on new songs? Need something to entertain you for the time being? By subscribing to podcasts in iTunes, you can listen to/watch some valuable informative podcasts or just have fun! To find some podcasts, open iTunes and go to the store. Click on podcasts on the left hand side of the page and start downloading completely free content for your iPod. Every podcast can be deleted at your pleasure if you simply do not like it. Find some new popular podcasts by going onto the Top Podcasts section in iTunes. Video podcasts are short video clips to either provide information or entertainment. One of my favorite video podcasts is the Best of YouTube podcast that features a new video everyday, usually a hilarious clip that you might not have found otherwise. Simply copy the link into iTunes under Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast and start downloading.

21 Tactics to Improve Blog Traffic

A comprehensive, in-depth list of blog-specific marketing strategies designed to drive traffic from search engines, referrals and brand building. Includes descriptions of how to implement each tactic and pitfalls to avoid.

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How To Increase Traffic to Your Blog

One important topic for blog owners is how to increase traffic, which is easier than it seems, once you know how. In this article, we cover 7 specific methods of increasing traffic to your blog. By Terry Detty. 1105

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Mac OS X (Leopard) 10.5.2 Update Released

Now available via Software Update:The 10.5.2 Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

iTunes connection Solutions

Having problems connecting to the iTunes Store? Having problem authorizing your computer to play music? If you answered yes to any one of those questions, then read on for the solutions to fix each problem. First if you have not, try my first possible solution to error 9808 following this link. If that solution does not do the trick for you then follow along for another solution. First close iTunes if you have it open right now. The rest of the article is located here.

Bluetooth to Use Wi-Fi for Faster Data Transfers reports "Bluetooth could get a lot faster next year by piggybacking on Wi-Fi technology already built into many gadgets, making it easier to transfer large amounts of music between computers and cell phones."

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Yahoo's Board REJECTS Microsoft takeover Offer!

Board members concluded the unsolicited $44.6 billion offer massively undervalues the Web pioneer, a person familiar with the situation told the newspaper.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

iTunes Error -9808

When trying to connect to the iTunes Store this afternoon, I could not connect and I got an error from iTunes stating that my connection timed out and that there was an unknown error -9808. So I did a bit of Googling and came up with a few solutions. The rest of this article was moved to my new blog
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yahoo may consider Google alliance over Microsoft

Yahoo Inc would consider a business alliance with Google Inc as one way to rebuff a $44.6 billion takeover proposal by Microsoft, a source familiar with Yahoo's strategy said on Sunday.

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Wine 0.9.55 Released

What's new in this release: Direct3D improvements, including driver version emulation; Beginnings of support for OLE objects in Richedit; Several fixes to the animation control; A bunch of fixes for regression test failures; Lots of bug fixes.

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50 Proprietary Programs We All Hate--and the OS Alternatives

It's not the price of the software that makes the real difference (although it's a reason to migrate from one software to another for many people); it's the idea that proprietary software comes with boundaries that keep the user experience confined to... well, being the user. Here are 50 commonly used programs that have open source alternatives.

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Safari on Mac OS is about to get a speedboost

ComputerWorld reports that the new nightly version of Safari for Mac is super fast compared to the regular Safari shipped with Leopard.

iPhone and iPod Touch rumored to get a $100 price cut

As posted on MacRumors, the iPhone and the iPod Touch could get $100 discounts as early as three months.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

How to Install Avant Window Navigator without an Internet Connection on Ubuntu

For those enough unfortunate enough to not yet be able to get our network up and running on Ubuntu, this guide is for those who still want to be able to use Avant Window Navigator or AWN. All the links to the dependencies will be included in this short tutorial. This guide is for those running Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10. Also you should make sure that Compiz or Compiz Fusion is enabled and you can figure this out by reading my Compiz Guide. Also follow those instructions if you graphics card is blacklisted.

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Boot Linux from a Flash Drive

This website has a tutorial on how to install Linux on a 1GB or larger Flash Drive. Visit here for more details.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

iTunes 7.6

Apple released iTunes 7.6 to enable users to rent movies from the ITS. To download visit here.

How to enable Compiz on Ubuntu 7.10 if your Graphics Card is Blacklisted

After initially installing Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 on my computer, I had wanted to enable Compiz to get the cool desktop effects like the Wobbly Windows. So, I went to System > Preferences > Appearance and to the last tab. Here you choose Normal or Extra from the menu to enable Compiz. I clicked on Normal and it came up with an error saying I couldn't enable it.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Make Ubuntu look like a Mac

One of the best guides to make Ubuntu look like a Mac can be found here at

It is more of a guide to what you need to obtain in order for it to look like a Mac and not a how to install everything and to configure it.

Ubuntu Boot Screen Problems

For those of you unfortunate to have Ubuntu boot screen problems, here is a short tutorial for you. If when you boot up your computer, it shows the BIOS and then GRUB, then a blank boot screen after you select Ubuntu, follow these instructions. Open up the terminal and type (or copy, paste)

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Maually add Play Count to a song on iTunes

I've noticed a lot of Applescripts floating around for the Mac version of iTunes and I thought I would post on how to edit the play count on the Windows version of iTunes. Download the file from the link and rename it to "play count.wsf." .

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32GB iPod Touch

Apple released a new 32GB version of the iPod Touch today. For more information visit this news article.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Installing Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10

Ubuntu is Linux for humans. If you want to learn how to install Ubuntu (current version 7.10) then pay close attention.
1) First download the image .iso from Download Ubuntu and burn it to a cd.
2) Then place it in your cd drive and open the wubi-cdboot.exe. This installs Ubuntu boot files into a temporary directory.

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Live Search Club

I've recently joined the Live Search Club, a Microsoft club that allows you to play games to earn tickets. These tickets can then be redeemed for prizes such as a free music download, a Zune, or even an XBOX 360 Elite. To join follow this link