Monday, May 26, 2008

The Digg Effect

Digg is a great website where you can submit articles you find interesting on the web. Many people read digg as proved in this post, most of you reading this now came from digg. This article shows how any little article with the name Digg in it, will attract the attention of millions of diggers. Without even reading this article, many people will digg it, little do they know that this article is proving just how ignorant they are. This article was written to prove that digg is not a website to promote well written good articles, but popular topics such as Apple, presidential candidates, global warming, and Digg itself. Digg is turning into a popularity contest in topics rather that delivering well written content.


wisher said...

You caught me with the Digg world :-)

soccerislife8 said...

Haha. youre the only one to really admit it. i applaud you!